Dark Feminine Rising

Weekend Retreat

2 Days of Dark Feminine EmpowHERment at Campus-Style Villa in Ocho Rios

June 28-30, 2024 | Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica

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To RETURN to herself, the DARK FEMININE must connect with her ancestry,

learn the ways of ancient African women and heal generational womb traumas

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The Dark Feminine Rising Retreat is your home black woman,

the DARK FEMININE, to find yourself again…a space to rejuvenate your body and heart, feel empowered and safe in sisterhood, activate your innate creative powers and RETURN to the path of the Divine WOMBman

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Are you ready to step into Divine Feminine Power?

The Experience

The Promise

Creative energy is high in the summer so this is a great time for women to gather, to ignite our fire, to birth something new within for ourselves and for the collective

This blissful flow will deliver a PROMISE of the sacred R’s:

RETURN to ancient ancestral knowledge

for direction on reconnecting to our wombs and heart

RECLAIM our true nature

the magic in feminine Power and your ability to connect with the universal spirit in everything and everyone.

RELEASE blockages in the womb

that may be holding back from launching into your HIGHNESS as master creators and from living a more rewarding life.

REBIRTH the divine feminine creator within

to move with purpose whether it be to cultivate healthier relationships, pursue a passion, learn that new skill, maintain a routine that helps you to actualize your desires

RISE as our best feminine selves

and empowHER each other in sisterhood, love and compassion

The Sanctuary

On the top of a hill, overlooking Ocho Rios and the Caribbean Sea is a quiet escape sitting on top of lush hills of in one of the most beautiful parishes in Jamaica, St Ann, this villa offers a quiet escape surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. With panoramic views of the verdant landscape and the Caribbean Sea in the distance, this retreat space provides the perfect blend of serenity and tropical charm with modern amenities, spacious accommodations, a swimming pool, multiple lounging areas

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The Sisterhood


It is said that when women connect in a group, the healing is powerful as hormones that encourage bonding are released. Can you imagine when we gather to set our highest intentions? Together we will learn to form meaningful connections with each other and maintain a lifetime of sisterhood. For Two nights we will meet in sister circles to speak words of affirmations to each other, chant, dance, sing to energize our goals and celebrate our victory! Let us share, learn and RISE together!

Tiph’arah Neteru


Tiph’arah Neteru is the birther of the DARK FEMININE RISING retreat. She is a Sacred Self-Care Alchemist at TROPIKI who has been inspiring black women to embark on a journey of self-love and self-acceptance since 2013 when she launched Island Naturals as a support group for women with natural hair. She hosted 3 successful natural hair shows and went on to birth her own brand of self-care products in March 2020. After experiencing two traumatic surgeries, Tiph’arah started her own healing journey to restore her womb and decided to add wellness offerings to her line of products, specifically for women struggling with womb issues. This journey also inspired her to walk the path of a Spiritual Wombman with deep connection to her womb, to the creator, to her ancestors and to nature which she shares on her growing YouTube Channel: Dark Feminine Conscious. Tiph’arah is happy to be living a life of authenticity, in service to the black woman while sewing her own personal seeds with WOMB CONFIDENCE.

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