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5 ways to ease your menstrual symptoms naturally

5 Ways to ease your menstrual symptoms naturally 

Let’s start with a very hard truth…Extreme menstrual symptoms are not normal and our cycles appear to be death sentences because we are not truly in balance with ourselves and our natural environment. The life of a modern woman does not give room for her to practice the feminine care that she needs to be a happy and healthy wombman.
We’re not hopeless though. We definitely can make some adjustments for our self-care. Here are 5 ways that you can make your menstrual cycle a more peaceful experience.

Stretches are a great way to move energy through and out of your body and you don’t need a yoga class to do it. Not even a yoga mat. You can do it right in your bed and there’s no particular move you have to do either. Just flow with your body into whatever stretch feels comfortable and right at the time. Your body knows what it needs…listen to it.

Just lay down sis! You’d be surprised the amount of ease that comes from doing nothing. If the Boboshantis got anything right, it’s the period of separation where women get to pour into self with absolutely no disturbance. Our bodies need time to rest and just be still, nourish ourselves, read a book, create something. We take random days from work all the time. We can steal a day per month that’s just for us and the first day of our cycle is the best day to do that.  

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair” ~ Khalil Gibran

Prana is life and the air outside is great for a wind bath. As women we long for any connection with earth because it re-activates us and there are simple ways that we can do this at home. If you don’t have much of an outdoor space, get indoor plants but if you have outdoor space, create a garden. It is very soothing to water your plants on your cycle. It’s like magic…all the discomfort disappears.

Women are more likely to be iron deficient because we lose a lot of blood every month. Especially women who have heavy flows. So it is important to restore our blood through some iron rich foods as iron is vital for reducing menstrual symptoms like cramps and mood swings. Foods like sea vegetables, molasses, green banana, calaloo and other leafy greens.

The TROPIKI 9 Goddess Womb tea is packed with herbs that are rich in iron like Nettle leaves, Dandelion and Raspberry leaves. It has herbs like Red Clover and Passion flower that balance hormone levels that can reduce lengthy and heave flows. It is also powered by Mugwort and Fennel seeds to reduce bloating and cramps. Click here to purchase. 


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