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Healing Herbs for the Womb

Nurturing the Womb with Nature's Remedies

Jamaica has many herbs that support womb wellness including Dandelion, Nettle & Ramgoat Dash Along. 

In ancient cultures women made allies out of herbs for the spiritual, mental and physical healing powers that they possessed. Women used herbs to support their self-care and beauty care, their health and wellbeing, particularly the nurturing of the womb.

Traditionally, in Jamaica and in many other cultures all over the world, midwives are also herbalists who assist women from conception to postpartum and child rearing with herbal allies.

Herbs serve to bring balance to and strengthen the female reproductive system, to treat menstrual issues like PCOS, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, blocked tubes, menopause.


Honoring The Womb

The womb is the center of a woman’s femininity, wellness, creative power and spirituality. It is vital to her well being that a woman takes care of this sacred space by living with constant awareness of her womb and its health.


Herbal Allies for Women's Wellness

Many herbs all over the world are known to give great support to womb wellness and healing.

Raspberry Leaf: Known for its uterine-toning properties, raspberry leaf is often used to support pregnancy health, easy childbirth and menopause.

Nettle: Rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, nettle is a nourishing herb that supports overall reproductive health and may help alleviate symptoms of menopause. Nettle is a great source of iron for women who develop anemia from heavy bleeding.

Yarrow: Traditionally used to assist in childbirth. It is a uterine stimulant and anti-inflammatory that treats irregular periods and menstrual pain.

Dandelion: iron rich Jamaican dandelion, boosts immunity which weakens during menstruation, supports healthy liver function for nourishment and strengthening of the womb.

Damiana: the tropical Damiana called Ramgoat Dashalong in Jamaica is known traditionally as an aphrodisiac, it helps balance stress hormones to improve mood and libido in both women and men. It is useful in treating menstrual and menopausal issues.

Fennel: Fennels seeds assists with the downward movement of menstruation which helps to alleviate abdominal pain and cramps. It supports the digestive system by reducing gas & bloating. It also helps nursing mothers with milk flow.

Mugwort: mugwort is known for its support of female reproductive health. It strengthens the uterus, regulates menstruation and flow, relieves menstrual cramping and increases fertility.

Red Clover: Red Clover is used to treat hormone imbalances and helps to improve bone health, mood, libido, and menopausal symptoms.

Blue Butterfly Pea: an aphrodisiac that helps to improve libido and increase fertility. It reduces oxidative stress which is common during menstruation. It relieves pain, stress and anxiety. It makes for a beautiful addition to a woman’s garden. 

All these herbs mentioned above are in our Womb Tea below. 


Herbal Infusions (Tea)

Herbal infusions are made by steeping herbs into boiled water which allows the plant chemicals to be extracted. Herbal infusions are recommended for the more delicate parts of the plant like the leaves and the flowers.

Jamaicans and Caribbean people are big tea lovers who believe that tea can fix everything from a headache to heart break.


Connecting with Nature

It’s important in the healing of the womb that women establish a connection with nature by creating a garden, foraging or spending time in nature. The more you connect and give reverence to nature, the more you understand the mysteries of the plant world, the nature of plants and thereby how they heal our mind, body and soul.

Also important in the healing process is listening to your body and using your intuitive power as a wombman to know what your body needs and what herbs work best for you.


At the Dark Feminine Rising Weekend Retreat we will dive deeper into herbs for the womb, how to use them and the best time to use them for a particular result. We will also take a Herb Walk in the hills of St. Ann to see the many Jamaican herbs that are great support for the womb.

If you are interested in joining us at this healing space, learn more and book your space here



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